Tuesday, March 4, 2014


THE HELIX WAR    By:  Edward Willett    Publisher:  DAW                                                                                 This is actually an omnibus edition of two novels:  Marseguro and Terra Insegura. Marseguro won Canada's prestigious Prix Aurora, while Terra Insegura was a finalist for that award a year later. Book One, Marseguro, begins the story of why a scientist and his followers flee Earth and inhabit a planet light-years away. While the denizen's of the spaceship start a new life on Marseguro the leading officials back on Earth search for decades trying to locate where the ship escaped to. The estranged grandson of the scientist discovers where the unpure leader and his crew are. The military and religious forces embark on the long  trek to eradicate the abominations from the Universe forever. Marseguro is an excellent Science Fiction/ Fantasy story. The characters are well defined with emotion, purpose. ambition. and revenge. The action is relentless and violent. Mr. Willet has crafted an incredible world on Marseguro and this reader highly recommends other Outworlders to visit it.  Book Two, Terra Insegura, is almost as delightful as Book One. The setting changes dramatically, but the protagonists are still there.  Just pick up The Helix War Omnibus and enjoy both novels.  SCORE:  Marseguro 9.5/10       Terra Insegura 9/10  

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